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PHP Conference Asia 2015 Recap

The First Pan-Asian PHP conference happened in Singapore on last 22 – 23 September, 2015. Many international and regional speakers presented their valuable speeches in the event.

Group Picture from PHPConfAsia

Group Picture from PHPConfAsia

While in USA, EU lots of community events happens through the year, comparatively very few events happen in Asia! Now at least some people has taken the initiative to organize this great event. Heartiest thanks to Michael Cheng (@coderkungfu) and other people who worked hard to make the conference smooth & enjoyable.
It was really an awesome experience being in the conference.

At Widespace, we use PHP (specifically Laravel) for several platforms, two of us from our Dhaka office joined the event.

Events on Tuesday:

  • Rasmus Lerdorf started the conference with his keynote presentation. It was mostly about upcoming PHP 7. Listening about the next PHP version from the PHP creator was really exciting. He showed some new feature coming with PHP 7, compatibility and also provided performance comparison of PHP7 with other PHP versions and HHVM for different projects. You can get the rich presentation slides here.
  • After the tea break, Stéphane Boisvert came into stage with his in-depth discussion about WordPress Security. He discussed different security topics like sql injection, csrf attack, sanitization, authorization in wordpress. Thanks Stéphane for providing nice ‘WordPress’ branded Sunglasses 🙂 His talk will be very valuable for WordPress developers.
  • Later came a storyteller, telling a faily tale with animation! Well, Steven Cooper described PayPal and Braintree API’s and how they can be integrated into code with the help of fairy tale. You can enjoy his fairy tale here.
  • Before Lunch, the last session was about application (Magento) performance improvement by Harald Zeitlhofer from Austria. He gave an example how a magento installation performance issues were detected and corrected with the help of Dynatrace performance monitoring tool.
  • First session after awesome lunch was by Jack Lenox. He has shown the way of combining React development techniques with a more traditional PHP workflow. His lecture can be found here.
  • After that Bagus Aji Santoso came into stage telling about Panada Framework, Simple but High Performance PHP Framework from Indonesia. He was a bit shy, presenting for the first time in front of international audience 🙂 Panada framework seems to be popular in Indonesia powering up several popular local sites. See features about Panada in presentation here.
  • Edwin Ong then gave a lightning talk about PHP streams. PHP Streams were introduced with PHP 4.3.0 as a way of generalizing file, network, data compression, and other operations which share a common set of functions and uses. He discussed how we use it knowingly or unknowingly regularly.
  • Before the tea break, last talk was given by Sam Yong, a student from NUS, with topic: Go Reinvent The Wheel. It is certainly true that reinventing the wheel in software industry drives numerous innovations which we see today.
  • Pierre Joye, PHP Core Developer and OSS contributor, then gave rich talk about PHP7, HHVM and Co. Besides showing performance statistics, new features about PHP 7, he also talked about Zephir and alternate PHP implementations including HHVM. See his presentation.
  • Premshree Pillai explained how they built a scalable system for tracking shipping packages for Etsy. He shared their architecture in Etsy and interested audience also asked several questions about their implementation. His presentation is shared in slideshare.
  • The last session of first day was with the topic ‘Why Your Test Suite Sucks’ given by Ciaran McNulty, Senior Trainer, Inviqa. He has nicely shown how to evolve from no-test to TDD state. He also showed several code snippet and how to improve the code in those cases. We should really follow the practices that Ciaran mentions in this nice presentation.

Events on day 2 will be published soon…